Saturday, July 08, 2006

watashi in kimono!!

Just back from SEGi College's la...not much stuff to see or play..but i did spent almost 4 hours there walking around visiting all their booths...some are good some just okay-okay...the food there is expensive...they purposely naikkan harga for today only...cis..summore dare to tell us us means Lai Yen & DOt...carrere chew FFK..she is gonna kena d...not goin to invite her for next outing...jk carrere...belanja me SUSHI KING next time!!sure i won't ffk u wan (",) took some photos there in kimono with DOt in Cleopatra suit without her "crown" cuz it can't fit her BIG head..hahahha...shhh...ppl plz dun tell her i say that :-) can't wait for tomorrow's GLOBAL VILLAGE!! now cracking my brain for a small parting gift for Carol J.Hanselman..i think today not writing so much..not yet...shall update again tomorrow after the global village thingi :)


  1. wad global village isit? update quick!!!

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