Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok this is so freaky!!! I had like the same #4 as dot!! Even though I'm from SK which allows us to keep long hair but I always had short hair. So here goes my #1

#2 I have the habit of taking shower in the dark. No lights on. Don't ask why. Just love to embrace the darkness.

#3 I don't take hot showers unless it is raining.Not even in the morning. Conserve energy ppl. it's 35++ Celcius outside!!

#4 I use to make my own Jumanji set. You know it was such a hit back then. And I make my own doll house, sew my own Barbie's clothing and that's why I've such an infatuation towards fashion =p

#5 Once, when I used to live in my dad's business partner's apartment in Brickfields, about 7 years old, my sis and I literally broke the bed. We were hopping and jumping on it till it crash down. Hehehe sorry Uncle Robert for breaking your bed. * innocently twirling my fingers*

#6 I used to keep a diary when I was in primary school till my brother was old enough to understand what I wrote and had a great instinct on the whereabouts of it.

#7 I used to drape a blanket around me acting princess like in Cinderella :) childhood fantasies..hehehe

#8 My maternal grandfather was a goldsmith and he was a great opera singer. Not the Bocelli style. I meant the Chinese opera. He used to sing on the radio once a week. At that time, it was a big thing to perform on radio since that was the only form of entertainment. No such thing as television yet.So I think I inherited his passion for music :)

#9 I've always wanted to try out deep-fried honey-coated cockroach and scorpion from Thailand. According to wood, I eat weird food. What weird food?! It's challenging to put something exotic in your mouth ok! See, I've tried deep fried bat,roasted pigeon, rabbit meat which I spitted out immediately after my dad told me ( I was rather attached to my pet Rabbit you know ) , deer meat, terrapin soup ( sui yu in Canto ) , frog porridge ( tian ji in Mandarin ) mmm wild boar meat, mm that's about it. Oh and dried snake gallbladder from China.Very freakingly bitter. Seriously bitter even for me who can take bitter bitter herbal soup. Oh and talking about herbal soup, I hate the seahorse soup my mum cooks. Very fishy smell. EEkkkss

#10 Jigsaw puzzles. Lots of it. That's my current obsession which can't be fulfilled due to financial constraint. I never imagine a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle can reach up to rm300 for really nice ones.

#11 I play pretend with my cousins when we were young. I used to be act like a student since my cousin Cindy loves to hold the cane and red pen. Darn it. I have to act dumb and naughty ( though I think not much effort was needed to act naughty >.< ) all the time just to be a "real" student. I was older than her by the way.

#12 I have goldfish memory. Often when I got out of my chair and walk towards the hallway, I can't recall why I got up from my study table. Lol

#13 I have a thing for guys with pretty nails. Lol I meant well-manicured nails. I figured that if he cares enough to look after his nails, he'll be observant enough to notice small tiny details about me.

#14 I always tell my crush that I used to like him after the sparks dies. Just to see his reactions. That's pretty fun! Try it! Tell your primary school crush or long-time crush and get a good laugh out of it!

#15 I blushed a lot. Most of the time. But my rosy red complexion hides it. Thank goodness!

So that's it. That's my 15 weird things/habits/little known fact about me.

Now I'm gonna wash up, take my blanket and little pillow and my bottle of water and my chocolates and plop in front of my com to watch Fool's Gold


p/s : please don't comment anything. I know I'm unique >.<

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