Monday, July 14, 2008

Great. Writer's block now.

What to update on?

I really have no idea. Mmm my friends are away to university and here I am in Subang with nothing to do. My sister is back in Sabah too and my grandmother is back in Penang. I'll be having the bed to myself again. Strangely though, I thought I'll be happier to not be sleeping on the floor again but it seems that when they all left, the room feels empty. Mmm.. and my laptop is useless. I have not made the backup disc and I don't dare to download stuff in case virus attack. So now I only play games on it.

I've just came back from Penang.I really enjoyed playing and babysitting those toddlers. They are so cute and Iim so gonna miss them when I'm away. Gonna post some of their pictures soon. Maybe now. Maybe later when I've the time.

The other update is I finished my Grey's Anatomy Season 1-4. Darn it. I know I shouldn't finish it so fast but I was too excited to know the ending of Season 4. I hate Rose, the new love interest of Mcdreamy. Kills off the fun between Mcdreamy and Meredith. But anyway, since the US Writer's strike GA seems dead. Can't they see there are hard-core fans like me who loves GA and can't live without it?

And I bought three news books to read and kill time. Kiyosaki's Cashflow is a good lullaby it seems. I fell asleep reading the first chapter itself. Lol I guess economics is my melatonin.
But I will finish the book. It's not me to not finish what i started.

Oh ya, and I'm working part-time as an English tutor. Lol Can you believe it? Me as English tutor. I was a little freaked out at first. Doubting whether I can do it or not but it seems the students that attend my classes are really weak in English so I'm like so qualified. Hahaha. So I've gained confidence over the two weeks and enjoying the change of environment. I mean how often do I get to play with those kids. Yeah. Kids. I'm calling them kids.Makes me sound old. But then again, I'm a teacher. That qualifies you to be old.In their eyes you are old. Darn it. But I enjoy learning grammar again. Makes me kinda like the grammar expert now. For secondary level that is. When you teach, that is when you know how ignorant you are.

Oh and last Thursday, Dot, Em and I went pyramid to shop. I bought myself a new black spaghetti top and a knitted vest from Forever 21. This was my 1st item from Forever 21 and I loved it so much! Gonna show you the picture of me wearing it soon... as soon as I get Dot online. Lol I was fighting against the urge to get both the black and grey ones but i at last decided black is easier to mix and match. So black it is! Gothic man. Everything I get now is black and white. Goes with my mood I think. Mmm. Or subconsciously I'm turning into Carrere. Hehehe. She's the other black sheep of the family. The MIA sheep.

Great! I've written a post and for now I think it is more than enough. Too much of my crappiness is toxic.

Till next, carol

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