Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

Gordon " No. He's not a hero. He's Batman"



Dot threw her shoes at the screen

Lol. How i wish that happens so I can you-tubed that


Real story

Gordon " No. He's not a hero. He's the Dark Knight"

Oh...sudden realization Ohh..that's why dark knight....

Plot spoiler coming up. Close your eyes whoever that haven't watch

Wayne looks much hotter in the new suit. He can finally turn his head. And the motorbike.Oh my god!!! Such a turn on man!!! So YENG
Rachel is old....Katie Holmes hotter...way hotter...
2.5 hours of sitting in cinema... worthy yeah...plot's nice
joker's make up is scary
Unexpected plot especially with the ferry at the climax
Too bad Batman lives with the bad name..

So anyway went for Dark Knight with Em Dot and Adam ( Dot's bro) Suppose to meet Car but she's sleeping when we called her at 1pm!! Not surprising.. it's Car.. the owl

So we decided to eat at Laksa Shack at 1st but then when we pass by Secret Recipe there's a set lunch promo for only Rm 10. One ice lemon tea + either Black Pepper Chicken or Bbq Chicken or Mushroom sauce Chicken which comes with salad and fried rice. So it's good& reasonably priced :)

And I like to acknowledge the fact that nooby dot managed to find out how to lock my hp since it's touchscreen and everytime i put in my pocket will accidentally touch the screen and open my applications. So 1st time nooby dot did something for noobier carol LOL

That's all


Gtg work on transferring songs into my hp :)


  1. CHEH! even if i threw my shoe at the screen... u wouldnt have managed to get in recorded la! :P

    yes... u the NOOB of all NOOBS! :P

  2. Hahhaa i knew it... Dot would act like this la..typical u la..admit it....NOOBY DOT