Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Meaning of Friends

What are friends to you? People who hangs around to joke? People who helps in your studies? People that you think knew you well enough to be the worm in your stomach?

I’ve never felt the urge to sit back and think about the deeper meaning of it. In my context, friends means people that I love enough to care and people I don’t mind talking to everyday or even every single second.

I guess I’m a very bad friend. I’m always not around when people needed me. I’ll always MIA and not bother about their feelings. I do things the way I want without much empathy towards my friends. I pretty much suck at being a great friend.

And now, I realize that I really do understand the meaning of friendship after two decades of life. When I finally have time to ponder over the meaning of friendship, only did I realize the impact my friends have on my life.

It’s no longer the how much we spend on each other’s birthdays, it’s no longer measured by how many hours we see each other in a week. It’s no longer how many movie dates we had; it’s no longer who sacrificed more in the relationship.

It’s no longer how many times I did you a favor or how many times you pull my ass out of the fire. It’s no longer how many sleepovers we had or how many greeting cards I’d made for you.

The only one thing that measures the bond between each and everyone of us is how much everything in my soon-to-be busy life and your already busy life that constantly reminds us of each other.

May it be the SLK ( Small Little Kelisa ) on the road , every number 7 that comes in my sight, every image of cute pigs, every single “shiny” I read, every single frizzy-haired girl I see and cheesecake I bake, every time I catch a whiff of Sunsilk fragrance, every single dot I happen to see, every single blackly dressed girl I happen to see, every image of Charmaine Sheh, or even every single time I happen to pass by each of my friend’s house. Oh and every tall mini-skirted girl with specs driving kembara too! hehehe..

This I think is the ultimate thing a good friend can give.

Constant thought of a friend!

Just to let you all know, I’m thinking of each and every one of you constantly. So do appreciate my thoughts for now and I hope I continue to constantly think of each and everyone of you when I’m living my soon-to-be hectic life.

Yours truly,

Soon to be MIA friend

P/s: Cool or not my own ambigram? Hehe.. Created it myself! Gonna try a few more since I'm not busy yet.Lol anyway I'm such a genius..Muahahahha..

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