Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The tech nooby carol finally posted her 1st post using her laptop!!!!


Guess where am I now?

Outside in my garden!


That's the only place I can receive the line

I shall not comment anymore in case Benbi and Joke calls me a noob again

Anyway I wanna say Happ 20th Birthday Stace!!! Many happy returns of the day!! :)

Today I went to High Commission of India to make my visa

No actually the girls ( Em Yen Car and I ) went MSPJ to jog this morning. Lol Surprisingly Yen could wake up. Well she just slept ( no NAP ) for 2 hours and zombie-jogged together with us all. Lol And we even sprinted for 100m twice. I was astonished to find Em's sprinting was better than Car's. Well, at least she reach to blue tong sampah ( the finishing line) LOL

Boycotting (.) which is why she's not mentioned

So back to my visa story. And since I reached home at about 10am, my mum stared nagging at me "Where have you been? You're suppose to make your visa today" Like I dunno " Have you filled in everything needed?" " Yes Ma!" which I actually have not because I dunno when is my probable arrival date. Yes. Stop glaring at this. Don't ask me when is my flight because my uni parcel have not reach yet.

So what I did was to call up the admission office but again that workload hoarder ( I like to think of her that way since she's the only one that knows how to solve all my problems. No Sheila nothing gets done ) is not around. Darn it. So i went to the HCI without knowing what is happening. To make matters worse it was raining heavily in KL. Everywhere jammed like hell. So I kept quiet in the car as to not provoke my parents again. So I waited for half and hour before they asked me to make my payment at Jalan Ampang. They outsourced the visa centre it seems. Darn it. Another troublesome thing. Luckily at the Jalan Ampang visa centre not many people. Almost empty. Waited for about 5 minutes and I got my receipt. Was told to get the visa tomorrow at 4.30pm. Oh no! My Dark Knight! Luckily they say whoever also can collect with the receipt. So end of long story on visa

Ok my dad's back. Awaiting my Nokia phone. And see see it's some chapalang China hp! cost me no my dad RM500 leh... The camera sux like hell

Ok wait

Let me show you the pros & cons

1. Sleek metal design. Front ok. Bad sux like hell.
2. Can watch TV on it. Anywhere in the world. Like portable tv. Just change the country setting.
3.MP3 and movie also can watch.3" screen. Not bad
4. Touch screen too
5. FM Radio function
6.Charger in form of USB port. So i can just charge it as long as my laptop's with me
7. There's even a backup battery for me so I can travel without charging it

1. Design err... as I said the backpart..but actually can blingified it
2. Camera sux. Only applicable for documents. Take words damn clear. Take human. Ekkk
I'm freaked out a little. There's a little shuffling sound from my left.

3. NO 3G!!
Ok. That's about it. Seems like the pros outweigh the cons right but but but..........

Gtg That sound really freak me out!

I'm back!! In my living room still with the line. MUAHAHHAHA

Anyway I forgot to mention that I could have two sims card in a phone. So i can switch between my Indian no. and Maxis no. easily :)

Ok fine. I'll take it. Damn heavy summore. I'll just use it and see in a month whether i still want it or not. I want my Sony Ericsson :(

Who wants to trade???? :)

Now really gtg

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