Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All right. Ooi's family celebration.These are the pictures from my aunt's 70th birthday banquet + cousin Suan Suan's birthday + Win Vien's 2nd birthday

Cindy, Win Shen and I. My fringe is annoying. I should cut my hair again.

Pei Yong and Pei Shin :) My only cousin who's same age as me

my cousin Irene, niece monster Ann (she's such a big bully) and the Ant's mum,my cousin Aik Hin

Suan Suan my cousin and her two beloved kids, Zi Yee and Ben

See the monster Ann, blowing Win Vien's Barney cake. Why all kids like Barney? Why I don't have a Barney cake?

Cousin Pui Si and moi

Miss Cindy Lim & I

Shi Min my niece

Shao Shen my sweet cousin

Ah Hwa.That's the SKII pose I asked for. My niece once called him kakak because he was so dark. SO nice of me to recommend SKII for him. Lol

Look what look? Never see cute babies before?

Baby Ann back from Dubai. See the cream on her mouth? She stuck her finger into the cake before her grandmother even blows the cake.

Left to right : my niece Zi Yee, my nephew Ben Teoh, my nephew Richard ( in Chinaman suit) , Win Shen, Win Nie, Alexandrea, Alvin and Win Vien

All my grandparent's children. 11 in total.No comments

Me and my dearest grandmama at the banquet

And these are the photos from the trip to Sunway Lagoon with my cousins and nieces and nephews

Don't ask me what my niece, Win Vien was doing. She was not asked to pose like that.

Me and my sis relieving our childhood memories in Sunway Lagoon
That's me and my cousin, Shao Shen before the 360 degree upside down view of Lagoon's brick floor

Left to right; my sis Cheryl, cousin Cindy, my bro Alvin and nephew WinShen. Yes, he's big and he's my nephew. My cousin's son. Nephew right? Anyway he used to call my bro Uncle Yee Chern until he decided to drop the title. Lol
Wannabe crime offender

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