Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amigos para siempre

No one likes to lose control.

But as a medical student there is nothing worse,

It’s a sign of weakness;

Of being not up to the task.

And still there are times when it just gets away from you.

When the world stops spinning ,

And you realise that your stacks of medical books and the world of knowledge of medical sciences isn’t going to save you,

No matter how hard you fight it,

You fall.

And it’s scary as hell.


there’s an upside to free-falling

It’s the chance you give your friends to catch you.


  1. wow. did you composed it yourself? its good!

  2. cheryl: ini ialah perasaan saya terhadap kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar perubatan yang sedang mengharungi ombak and tsunami kehidupan...wahhh bagus juga bahasa malaysia aku,tak memalukan cikguku :p

    nah, watched grey's, thought it was a nice quote,though, changed the surgeon part to medical students.lolx