Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flashback on 2006

KKKRINNNNGGGGG…A  bell rang in the background so loudly that I was startled back to the scene in front of me. Oh it’s not over?? I asked myself. God knows how long she’s gonna take for her welcome speech.Might as well I daydream over my dreams of stepping into medical school..Mmm will I get  Ireland? Nah..I doubted my 10As is good enough..Mmm How about Russia? I wouldn’t mind though even though it’s like Arctic there. “Ketika anda berada di sini, matlamat kami adalah untuk membantu anda mencapai kejayaan and merealisasikan impian anda,” said the Headmistress of SMK Seafield. “Ah! Lantaklah” Not like I’ll be here anyway.My appeal will be approved I’m sure.

Fast forward one month later..

“This is your new president of the Malam Perpisahan Tingkatan 5&6”

“Yerrr….. who is that girl…So lan si… I don’t like the way she conquers everything during meeting…like she owns Seafield ( actually truthfully after knowing her, she really owns Seafield) and she don’t like the rest of us outsiders ( non-Seafieldians) especially me.”  But the outcome is, I found my newfound bau bau bacang relative, Jessica Loke a.k.a. da pig, and I found myself a bunch of great friends!MPT5&6 06 028

MPT5&6 06 059MPT5&6 06 053 MPT5&6 06 030

Fast forward two months later..

“Does anyone in this class wants to go to Miracle Youth Camp?”

Great.That is a great opportunity for me to mingle with the rest of the form 6 people…who ever that is going …. and great opportunity for me to test my independence skills. Meanwhile….all forgotten about the appeal and no news anyway so I decided to settle down in Seafield.

During camp, err..”Hi :) You’re from Seafield right? I’m Carol from 6E.”

“Hi:) I’m Karine”

That’s how I meet Karine a.k.a. sam pat girl who worked with me through the whole camp to make things right. And also not forgetting she worked with me till 4am to make the suit for the model and finally we slept at 4am and woke up again at 5am.It was totally killer camp but we loved it sooo much. We got so addicted to the square dance. Damn farney ok!

MIRACLE camp 019 MYC 053 MYC 095

And it was Shiny’s birthday during the camp. We celebrated but giving her bahul cake!! 18 bahul if i’m not mistaken:)

And we bonded like ji muis(sisters), like Petaling St deep fried ghost (yau char kuey) , like we’re glued on with elephant SUPERglue. Lolx

Then came something else that I have to continue next time:) gotta go draw histo. Maybe not. I shall go emo abit. Will tell you guys soon about it. Tata!

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