Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jumbled Brains of Medical Student part I ( since there will be more coming i thought I'll be smart a bit to label it first XD)

So one fine day, Kahun, Nadesh, LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and I decided to have lunch together at….

Carol : Eh Kahun! Where you gonna eat today?

Kahun: erm…your choice lar

*My choice will be USJ14 chicken rice, apollo pan mee, penang  char kuey teow,state hokkien mee… starts to drool over her biochemistry file*

*Snaps back to Interact Hall*

AH screw it

Nadesh: Aaaahhh (usually trademark) Your CHOICE LAR!!

LH: Come kawan! today i makan with you

Mega: So Carol where you eating today?

Carol: My choice is your choice…

I’m not trying to flirt here. Mega is a girl. Indeed, the shop’s name is Your Choice.

Then, while eating, we were  trying to memorise the list of inorganic substance found in urine in order to prevent facing the sarcastic and at the same time you-can’t-resist-liking-him HOD of Biochem Dr Ullas Kamath

Kahun : Eh listen , C.S.I.Carol. and (N)

Nadesh … Obviously to busy gobbling down his chicken manchurian to listen

Carol: What??  what new disease is that?? How come I don’t know?

*PentiumIII starts whirring recalling all the diseases taught*

*And yes PentiumIII due to my lagging brain power*

Kahun happily replied

“ Hahahhaha,look i found a mnemonics for this list.”

C for chloride

S for sulphate

I for inorganic phosphate

Carol for Calcium … wtheck

N ( and) for ammonia

Carol : why N for ammonia?

Kahun: Hahahhaha what’s after N? M lar!!! so AND-MO_NIA!!

Nadesh : Wah Kuhan! Smart ah!!

LH: Mmm…good good…very good

Carol was thinking on the evil thoughts today.She secretly let them be. So what happen next is….

Back in interact hall 3b

Fet : Eh so how? I haven’t finish memorising the urinalysis paper

Sara : Ya…me too.Die lar…

Nadesh proudly exclaimed, “Ah kawan-kawan, mari saya ajar”

C.S.I.Carol.N…so whats after N? M!!! so AMMONIA!!

Fet & Sara stared blankly while Carol exploded in laughter. Kahun walked over, “What lar you laughing like baboon, Carol?”

Well I’m sorry guys.You can’t expect me not to laugh and blog about this.

Moral of the story: Medical students are wacky

*oops whole MMMC will be after me*

Moral of the story: Nadesh and Kahun are wacky

The names in the story has been changed to protect certain party’s privacy. If the names are similar to anyone, it is purely unintentional.

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