Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two Million Minutes

So you must be wondering what is this girl gonna blog about next.

I got tired of Anatomy and started blog-hopping and stumbled across and old post of Jessie Chong (USJ4 junior –18 yrs old and currently in first year med in Liverpool! WooHoo!

So ok back to the point *kids nowadays are getting smarter and smarter*

The PTS system shouldn’t be abolished I felt.It gives a chance for kids that are more advance than their own peers to develop their mind in more stimulating environment . Nevermind the stress of missing a year worth of class (standard 4 science and math is like peanuts k)

Now the point here is, this old post of Jessie’s is regarding this documentary

Two Million Minutes

what is two million minutes? Two million minutes of what?

Say…4 years of high school from grade 8 to grade 12…means typically our form 4 & 5 and form 6 or A Level or Matriculations

60minutes X 24 hours = 1440 minutes

1440min X 365 days = 525,600 minutes

525,600 min X 4 yrs  = 2,102,400 minutes

This Two Million Minutes of  education determines your future

Determines where you stand in the world

This documentary talks about the education system in 3 big powerhouse of the 21st century

China,India and USA

The more i watched the more i realised how wonderful actually this system is. Though flaws are there. Less practical on hand.

How is that Jessie could take BP, give injection and had done per rectal examination (PRE) in 1st year itself?

Though no complains about the fact that sticking my finger up a patients anus and twisting it 360 degrees to feel the entire wall of anal canal PLUS palpating for the prostate and the dip in between AND THEN checking your finger for any discolouration other than the supposing BROWN colour isn’t really 1st thing in my agenda now…

Anyway, need i say more? Just sit and mug peeps. That’s India. That’s what you get when you are paying 3o% of what they are  paying. 1 million ringgit to learn from the British. Nice.


  1. i like this system~~!!!
    stupid m*****sia tak de system ni
    koyak~mmg koyak~

  2. yes koyak wonder we don't excel internationally

  3. Nice..looking forward to watching that documentary