Friday, December 12, 2008

Benadryl + Larynx + Twilight

To-Do List

1. Carol shall stop procrastinating today
2. Carol shall study anatomy since class test is on next next Monday
3. Carol shall reorganize her physiology and biochemistry lecture notes
4. Carol shall go offline as soon as she finish blogging:p *no taunting carol at this point*

Today is different.

This morning is totally different.

Carol woke up feeling more afresh than ever but after this

Carol can't even concentrate on this
But Carol decided to just study from Netter's (this book here)

Smart of her. Easy to follow Narendra's lecture today.

Carol knew answers to his questions today.

A good sign

Good karma for not killing the pathetic small ant that hid between the pages of her Anatomy file and sneaked into lecture hall with her yesterday

A sign

Good sign

May all the merits be given to all the departed souls that couldn't join the other world.

P/s: even though they are around us and according to Carol's source in her very own hostel

And btw,

Carol peep a little at Twilight in pdf form.

Shall Carol read it?

I think Carol should not read it because once she starts she can't stop.

Yes that bad.

Oops it's becoming longer and longer.

Gotta nap to work the Benadryl

...till next...

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