Monday, December 08, 2008

Stepping into 20's in India

It's the celebration of my 2 decades of life on Earth and it's also my 1st celebration away from Malaysia. It's definitely memorable I can say since it's my first time stepping into the adulthood! WooHoo!! Big welcome to the 20's club. Oh both me and Elora too:)

It felt weird at first because my overly excited mum text me on 5th and sudden pang of realization came upon me. "Hey I'll be 20 in 24 hours time" Which is good! But only 21 is officially of age. Darn it. " Come, come 6th Dec 09, come quickly" Like what Jow Liie said. Yeah, part of me does not want to grow up so quickly yet another part wants to skip through the years ahead and see what lies in the future for me.

I absolutely love my birthday cake or rather ice-cream sundae:)It's Baskin Robbins! In Manipal! You'll be surprised that there's Baskin Robbins:) But i can definitely tell you it's the best ever ice-cream i've ever tasted other than Haagen Daaz. You think they'll have a franchise over here too?? *Hopefully*

This year is special in another way. Every year I wished for the same thing again and again.5A's, 7A's, 10A1's, medic school.I think I'm very blessed since every single wish of mine came true.I have good karma:P So this year, I didn't wish for a single thing. I blanked out before I blew my candles. I thought I've wasted my wish but all I want right now is Peace to The World!! Say No to War! Say No to Terrorism!

It's unfair that life are wasted in this way. Bombing,threats, civil war,war against religions....Now that I'm living in the country affected by terrorism, I have a strong feeling about this issue...why are we bothering to even fight against each other, against the same people of our own, against the citizens of the world when we could have been fighting to stop poverty , to stop starvations of the world, to stop killing Mother Earth...

We could have been well saving the children of the world,fight against poverty and raise awareness on human right issues like child labour and child soldier. And people. DO SAVE THE EARTH. Every small attempts like stop using plastic bags, if u can help it,girls, do not accept plastic bags for shopping if you do not keep them, reuse plastic bags as many times as possible and conserve energy. No question of car pooling here. But walk to your campus, take public transport (people complain of the time wasted but if everyone uses public transport sooner or later they would have to upgrade the service ) you go...a year wiser Carol :)

Bla bla bla... picture time!

By the way, just wanna thank everyone for their well wishes :) I'd a happy birthday!

My birthday cake!!! Lolx ice cream sundae actually:)
Zoom in people.. it's Baskin RObbins!

WooHoo!! Happy 20!

Elora and I celebrated our bday together since her's on 7th

L-R: Elora , Jo-ve, Izza

L-R: Wee vian, shi jia ( Ooo guess what?? Shi Jia is ShihMun's kidding people..yes, our subang Lim Shih Mun ) and loo huey

with Desmond before dinner

Nandhesh and Lip Sheng

Johnny boy

Posing with my "cake"

Now the babes....

5 guys and a gurl and a cool place
L-R: Jeremy, Desmond,John,Nandhesh,LipSheng

Ready...1million,2million....wait wait wait
Ready...1million, 2 million, 3million...cheese..

Sarah a.k.a the cutie among our gang

Sin Yen. Same hometown.WooHoo! Butterworth rocks!

Yuh Hui. Currently sits behind me too

Izza. My basketball captain

Take 1: Not nice

Take 2: Laughing non-stop

Take 3: Alas, something better. Jeremy a.k.a my left winger during lectures

Wee Vian, Shi Jia ( she sits behind me) and Moi

Pang Han the latecomer. Joined us after dating with "100"
Sits on my right in lectures

Overcrowded scene in BaskinRobbins

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