Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

This year my wishes are pretty simple and easy to fulfill
So hopefully they do come true!

  1. Have lots of fun for Xmas
  2. Everyone back home and everyone in Manipal will have fun and enjoy Xmas away from home:)
  3. Why keep having fun? zzz materialistically i want McD! pls DHL pls pls pls
  4. Cute black pump preferably Charles&Keith cheap cheap peeps rm150 for a four inch heels...not bad wat...hehehhehe
  5. Andy Lau no-more so chocolates!! Lots and Lots of Chocolates!!!
That's all my dear Santa..I wished for nothing else more:)


  1. Eh, you buy charles and keith too! I heard they recently opened on in pavillion. We could go check it out. It's about the same price as Vincci but much nicer yea. Hahhaa !! Merry X mas carol! Last night was a great great night!=D

  2. pavilion has one...yeah...pyramid too...opened already...shud be...pyrmaid nearer to my hse..hahahah c&k 1st branch in malaysia is in kota sis loves their accessories..heheheh great night huh...i think so too:)

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