Monday, December 08, 2008

Lecture Hall Antics No.1

What MBBS Students do during their freetime...

Some student like John would pose for the camera

Some would catch up on their sleeping quotas

Some too would like to catch up on their sleeping quotas but due to unknown reasons didnt do it, so body biologically compensates by yawning
Note: Jeremy here loves to yawn...don't believe me? scroll down :0

Some loves to turn around to chat:) like our own Elora here

Or if she finds Carol busy photographing she would stare into space instead

Or some would use the time to discuss on things...studies-related Mr Kuhan ( our class rep) and Ms Know-It-All @ Ms Anu...far behind in blue top, Ms Winnie Low from Seychelles...sleeping too...

Or like John, busy text-ing while kepoh-ing on the other side

Caught another one sleeping...hehehhe...Mr Frederick Yee

Or chit-chatting with girls

Or studying like Ms Loo Huey

Some will pose for the camera like Jeremy and Nandhesh here

Or un-pose for the camera

Still chit-chatting with Shi Jia

Then here comes our Jay Chaw Sui Wai, loves photography like I do..with Mr Desmond Khor ( both backbenchers of Block 1)

LipSheng: Looking pissed off at the lens

Acting cute in front of camera

Fred woke up drinking water feeling afresh....while Gayathri studies lecture notes

Lip Sheng: Eh Carol Lee...enough ah....
Terasa giler...i'm trying to prove my theory that jeremy yawns alot only ma..

See i'm right:p

Some daydream too .... focus here is my bottle and my files...woohoo...rajin giler carol..banyak files

Ooo commotion over there

Aiya boring la....*yawn*

oops...argh better run this time...LipSheng looks scary....Grrr...

Thanks peeps...

No copyrights were paid for all pictures published. No permission was taken and no laws violated ( i've double-checked) but still if anyone that wants me to remove their pictures may drop a note at my comment box. Thank you for your co-operations.

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