Monday, December 08, 2008

Lecture Hall Antics No.2

Block 2 commences and I decided to take some shots again during lunch break

Randomness-not in lecture hall but in food court
L: Nandhesh R: Chaw

Introducing MBBS students' favourite books

Crashed other's seat to get better shots

My seat....the one with brown bag... Kuhan whacking Jeremy i think..

Notice that now I'm second row from behind...switched place in block 2

Nandhesh,Jeremy and Kuhan...Fred behind with peace sign... Kuhan look so gay here... careful o jeremy

Acting cool..cheh

Hardworking Jo Sheen(colgate girl~she smiles all the time)

playing with gadgets, samsung Mp4 ( damn cool, it can act as bluetooth headset and even cooler is you can make calls or receive calls from the mp4...darn it...i'm in love with it...)

And my Zen, and Nandhesh so amazed by my Tv function ( he's watching hindi drama ~below)

Pang Han playing with his "100" iPod

Jeremy happily on the phone.Nandhesh looks weird.Fred poser with his peace sign again

Melu@Singaporean who doesnt know Malay,...studying
Jeremy playing with his phone..Nandhesh looked weird again..Fred forever looking cool

No comments...zzz

My hair looks different here....mmm...should i get a haircut? like Jloi? or like Amelia?

Okay now that you guys have seen the sampatness of the guys is my about a constrasting picture?

Jeng Jeng Jeng

Infernal Affairs IV

Standing (L-R) : Tan Lip Sheng( Shawn Yue), Chaw Sui Wai( Tony Leung), Lim Wei Yi(Gordon Lam Ka-Tung, Desmond(Chapman To)
Seated (L-R) : Jeremy Wong(Anthony Wong), Frederick Yee(Andy Lau)

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