Friday, December 12, 2008


guess what. I cooked today. WooHoo...carol lee cooks? my dear classmate was telling how girls are supose to know how to cook and bla bla bla but hello...back in Malaysia I have a perfectly good mother who cooks good meals...Why would i bother fighting with her in the kitchen? She used to shoo me out of the kitchen because I was such a nuisance..Lol... Anyway the point is, I steamed chicken ( which was too salty by the way :p poor roomie Eunice had to use the soup to wash off the salt ) and fried tomato egg and boiled ABC soup! Accomplishment done! I doubt 'll ever cook again this week. My cooking skills are off the chart. I have to go back Malaysia and train more. Anyone wants to try my cooking? It's actually edible you know, other than the fact it's salty :p

Anyway, what am I crapping here? I'm suppose to do my pharynx and larynx and yet I'm blogging. Shoot... thanks to pig that seduces me with all her new posts.. great now I'm really babbling...

Had my dose of chocolate today. I have to drink lots of water to compensate for my indulgence in case my sore throat attacks again. Goodness me....Please dont let me fall sick...please don't let me fall sick...i dont wanna be sick again...I'll be ranting or gossiping...i just study all night I really have to go...ciaoz ppl..sorry for this short post :P hehehhe

Did i mention i walked 15 mins to the shop at 11.30pm to buy the chocolate? lolx

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